Speaker guidelines

Speaker instructions

Audio -visual and speaker support services for the 2020 Sri Lanka Scientific Congress will be provided by the organising committee.

Instructions to all invited speakers

  1. Your profile should be uploaded to the form provided at Speaker profile link.
  2. All Presentations at the Sri Lanka Scientific Congress will be strictly timed.
  3. Presentation screens will be blacked out at the end of your allocated time.
  4. Timers on your screen and at the back of the hall will assist you with your timing.
  5. To avoid delays and technical problems associated with multiple laptops being plugged and unplugged, the use of your own laptop is not supported by the systems in place.
  6. You may email your presentation or report to the speaker support team and provide your power point presentation well in advance of the presentation. This is to check that any embedded media such as video or audio files are working correctly on the Congress systems, and ensure that the correct version of your presentation is transferred to the correct session room.
  7. Power point presentation should be in 16:9 (wide screen) aspect ratio.
  8. Save your presentation in HD resolution of 1920:1080 pixels or the normal resolution of 1280:720 px.
  9. If you are using Apple Keynote to make your presentation, it should be finally Saved As a Power Point presentation. The presentation will go from a laptop to the Screen through a single software system as a Powerpoint presentation.
  10. All presentations should be checked in at speaker support room well in advance of your presentation so that the smooth running of videos or other media can be confirmed as working ok on the computers provided in the session room.
  11. You will have control of your presentation with a wired cue button fixed to the lectern.

Instruction to short paper / free paper speakers

  1. You should email your presentation or upload through before …….

Instructions for E-Poster Presentations

A template PowerPoint Poster is provided and must be used when creating your E-Poster. E-Posters of different dimensions may be skewed/stretched/truncated when displayed on the monitors at the Annual Scientific Congress unless they conform to the template. The E-Poster template can be downloaded from the link below or email ……. for a copy.