About Sri Lanka

As our guest speaker / overseas guest we welcome you to Sri Lanka and wish you a memorable stay. If you are traveling to Sri Lanka for the first time we are sure that our warm smiles and hospitality will make you come back.

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The Pearl of Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka gives true meaning to the word ‘serendipity’. With a multi cultural, multi ethnic, and picturesque landscape stretching from the sunny seaside to the central hill country –source of the tantalizing ‘Ceylon tea’, your senses will be overloaded with pleasant surprises. No wonder the Portuguese sailors who landed here 5 centuries ago decided to name it ‘Serendib”.

Your Stay

All our guest speakers will be accommodated at an official conference hotel such as Shangrila Hotel which is the conference venue. The entire venue will be air-conditioned.  Other leading hotels and the Dutch Hospital entertainment area are within walking distance.

Contact Details

Please inform the CSSL of your mobile number which would be used while in Sri Lanka. Inform, if you would be on ‘roaming’ and social media such as Whatsapp or Viber. The conference secretariat at the venue should look after most of your needs, please feel free to call any of the following should you require assistance